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      Welcome to Ningguo Dongfang grinding materials Co., Ltd!


      Product classification

      Quality assurance, support customization

      Steel casting

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      Cast iron

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      Gather 200 people+
      Wear resistant industry engineer
      Provide customized services and solutions for customers
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      01Brand strength

      With more than 20 years of casting development experience, Dongfang grinding has gathered scientific research talents of wear-resistant materials, and has a team of 30-year industry experience engineers

      02Professional technology

      The annual production capacity of the company is 100000 tons. The company can find out the characteristics of the grinding body and grinding materials, and find out the optimization plan

      03Honor and qualification

      At present, the company has 27 authorized invention patents, 13 honorary certificates and obtained ISO9001 management system certification.

      04Complete variety

      Specialized in the production of casting ball, casting section, lining plate, bucket teeth and other wear-resistant castings

      05After sale service

      With professional technical team, 7 * 24-hour quick response mechanism

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